Take power over your skin

Effective psoriasis treatment from anywhere

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Take power over your skin

Effective psoriasis treatment from anywhere

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I would recommend it 100% because I saw the amazing job it did for me in just 6 weeks.

Georgios K. in California



Introducing illuvinate by Luma Therapeutics

Clinically proven

illuvinate is FDA-cleared, safe and effective. In a recent clinical trial, this innovative approach demonstrated the ability to reduce patient TPA score (a visual measure of psoriasis scale, redness and thickness) by 66% after just six weeks of use.

Lasting relief

The system is designed to provide durable remission. Treatment is inspired by the Goeckerman Regimen, where 90% of patients remained clear for at least 8 months.

No needles, no steroids

Skip the painful injections and messy creams. illuvinate is a light + hydrogel system that you can use at home or on the go.


How it works

Narrowband UVB light

The UVB light prevents overactive immune cells from releasing growth factors to the skin, which helps reduce the symptoms and appearance of psoriasis.

Moisturizing hydrogel

The hydrogel dressing, engineered to maximize comfort and wearability, helps to keep moisture in the skin while maximizing penetration by UVB light.

Luma mobile app

The mobile app customizes the dosing of light to the skin. It adjusts over time based on your response to treatment so you get the ideal amount of light for your psoriasis.


Start treating your psoriasis today

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What to expect

Step 1

Get a free assessment from our telehealth partner. Answer a short list of questions about your psoriasis and a doctor will provide a prescription if our treatment is right for you.


Step 2

We’ll reach out to configure the number of treatment areas and collect payment. For a limited time, get an introductory rate of $295*.


Step 3

The customized illuvinate system will be shipped to your door so you can begin treatment in as little as one week.