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Illuvinate is a new, FDA-cleared home-use medical device for the treatment of plaque psoriasis. The system consists of a portable, narrow band UVB light, a Hydrogel dressing that contains coal tar micro-globules and a smartphone app for administering the treatment.

Yes, illuvinate has been demonstrated to be safe and effective in 3 clinical trials. In the 3rd clinical trial, patients experienced a 66% reduction in Target Plaque Assessment (TPA) score at the end of the 6-week course of treatment and a 70% reduction at 14 weeks (8 weeks post-treatment). A TPA score is a measure of the redness, thickness and scaliness of a psoriasis plaque.

Illuvinate is different from other psoriasis treatment options in that:

  1. It is fast, with a treatment length of only 6 weeks
  2. Treatments can be performed from the convenience of home
  3. It is effective, with patients experiencing a 66% reduction in TPA score at 6 weeks and a 70% at 14 weeks

Finally, illuvinate is designed to provide durable remission and does not contain any prescription medications.

It is a highly effective treatment for psoriasis that was invented at the Mayo Clinic over 100 years ago. Coal tar is applied to the affected areas, the area is wrapped and then UVB light is applied once the coal tar is washed off. It is highly effective but requires significant time in the clinic and can be very expensive (>$10K/course of treatment). Illuvinate is inspired by the Goeckerman Regimen, but enables you to treat yourself at home, in just minutes a day.

The illuvinate System includes a Hydrogel adhesive dressing, a UV LED light and an app-based dosing algorithm.

  • The illuvinate Hydrogel technology restores the natural function of the skin by rehydrating and reducing inflammation while maximizing penetration of light.
  • The illuvinate UVB light suppresses the overactive immune cells that trigger scaly buildup of the skin, which is typical of plaque psoriasis.
  • Our proprietary mobile app monitors how each treatment area is responding to the light therapy and makes adjustments, as needed, over the course of treatment.

Treatment takes minutes a day, depending on your individual prescription, and can be done within the convenience of your home over a 6-week course of treatment.

No, illuvinate does not contain any steroids or prescription drugs.

How to Get illuvinate

Typically, dermatologists prescribe illuvinate. We are happy to help connect you with a prescribing physician. Fill out our short form so we can connect you with a dermatologist:

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No, a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional is required to obtain illuvinate. If you do not have a dermatologist or your dermatologist is not yet familiar with illuvinate, we can help connect you with a prescribing physician. Fill out our short form so we can connect you with a dermatologist:

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Illuvinate is currently available in Northern California, with a national launch planned for early 2019.  If you are not in Northern California, we’d be happy to contact you when it becomes available in your area. Click below to request more information:

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Please contact Luma Therapeutics Customer Care at 1.888.285.9987 or [email protected] and we will help connect you with a prescribing physician in your area.

If you have a dermatologist who is interested in prescribing illuvinate, we would welcome the opportunity to work with him/her to ensure he/she understands the process and the product.

If your dermatologist is not familiar with illuvinate or does not want to prescribe it at this time, we can connect you with a prescribing physician in your area. Fill out our short form so we can connect you with a dermatologist:

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No, it is very easy to use and will fit comfortably into your lifestyle because the light operates hands-free and automatically. You can watch TV, work on your computer, read a book or just relax while your treatment is delivered.

The time spent varies by individual and treatment area, but you should expect to spend no more than 25 minutes on any one treatment area.

The standard course of treatment is 6 weeks.

Do not use the illuvinate System if:

  • There is active skin cancer, a history of skin cancer, melanoma, or any other localized cancer, precancerous lesion or large moles in the areas to be treated.
  • There is known lupus erythematosus or xeroderma pigmentosum.

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