Introducing a Revolutionary Psoriasis Treatment

Are you frustrated with your current psoriasis treatment?

Research has shown that 85% of people with psoriasis believe that there is a need for better treatment options. illuvinate was developed by a psoriasis patient who shared that belief. illuvinate combines three known treatment options: application of a Hydrogel with coal tar to moisturize the skin, UVB light, and a customized dose by a mobile app. When combined, patients experience an improvement in their psoriasis symptoms and appearance, all from the comfort of their own home.

The Science Behind illuvinate

Moisturizing Hydrogel

The Hydrogel helps to keep moisture in the skin while maximizing penetration by UVB light. Our Hydrogel is engineered to maximize comfort and wearability.

Narrowband UVB Light

Shining UVB light on psoriasis plaques can prevent over-active immune cells from releasing growth factors to the skin, which helps reduce the symptoms and appearance of psoriasis.

Mobile App Customization

Our Mobile App customizes the dosing of the light therapy based on the prescription written by your doctor. Because each person and treatment area is different, the Mobile App adjusts over time, depending on how you respond to treatment.

The illuvinate system is an easy to use, home-based psoriasis solution.

Our Inspiration

Evan Anderson, our Founder and CEO, is a psoriasis patient. After trying multiple existing options for treating his own psoriasis, Evan began tinkering with coal tar, occlusive dressings and light therapy inspired by the incredible clinical results of the Goeckerman regimen.

From that inspiration the team developed the illuvinate system, giving millions of psoriasis sufferers access to this treatment paradigm from the comfort of their own homes.

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