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Inspired By a Proven, Safe & Highly Effective Psoriasis Treatment

If you’re like most people with psoriasis, you’ve tried multiple treatment options.  The illuvinate System is a new and effective psoriasis treatment inspired by the Goeckerman Regimen, a clinically-proven regimen introduced over 100 years ago by a dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic.  Highly effective, the Goeckerman Regimen is still in use today, but can only be accessed via a small number of medical clinics worldwide. It requires hours of treatment at a dermatologist’s clinic multiple days a week.

With the illuvinate System, you can experience the benefits of a professional psoriasis treatment, safely in the comfort of your own home.

But unlike the Goeckerman Regimen, which requires regular treatments at a medical center, iIlluvinate empowers you to perform treatments from the comfort of your own home over a 6-week period of time.


  • 92% of the 26 patients included in the 3rd clinical trial experienced meaningful clearance at 6 weeks
  • Patients continued to see improvements after completing the 6 week treatment
  • Illuvinate can be used to treat up to 4 affected areas at the same time


  • Illuvinate will fit comfortably into your lifestyle because the light operates hands-free and automatically. You can watch TV, work on your computer or just relax while your treatment is delivered.


  • FDA-cleared
  • Does not contain steroids or other systemic medications

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With illuvinate, you may experience long-lasting remission with only a few weeks of treatments in the privacy of your own home.

For patients looking to treat up to 10% of their body surface area affected by psoriasis, and can treat up to four treatment areas during one 6-week course of treatment

No risk of thinning skin or other side effects that are common with topical steroids

No blood work or injections are required

Illuvinate operates hands-free, so you can easily and comfortably treat your psoriasis for a few minutes each day, in the convenience of your own home.

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