illuvinate is a New FDA-cleared at home light therapy for psoriasis

illuvinate is a New FDA-cleared at home light therapy for psoriasis

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  • In our most recent clinical trial, patients experienced a reduction in TPA score – a visual measurement of psoriasis scale, redness and thickness – of 66% at 6 weeks
  • A 70% reduction in TPA score at 14 weeks (8 weeks post-treatment), indicating that healing continues after treatment ends
  • Nearly one-third of patients had complete clearance at 14 weeks


  • Portable, hands-free design allows you to treat at home or on the go
  • The treatment takes minutes per day, easily fitting into your lifestyle


  • Proven safe and effective in 3 clinical trials
  • Illuvinate does not contain steroids or other prescription medications
  • No blood work or injections required