With your doctor’s prescription and illuvinate’s smart phone app, you’ll receive a personalized treatment plan to deliver a precise dose directly to each of your lesions. Your med dose therapy is automatically modified based on the treatment progress of each lesion. The illuvinate mobile app guides you easily through each step in your treatment and enables you to take photos of each lesion so you can record and measure your progress

Our proprietary occlusive hydrogel technology with suspended coal tar micro-globules affixes easily to your skin and stays comfortably in place for several days. The light easily and comfortably affixes to the hydrogel via magnets, to hold it conveniently in place.

What do you need from your psoriasis, eczema or vitiligo treatment?


  • Illuvinate will fit comfortably into your lifestyle because the light operates hands-free and automatically. You can watch TV, work on your computer, read a book or just relax while your treatment is delivered.


  • Illuvinate does not contain steroids, eliminating the risk of skin thinning or other side-effects associated with long-term steroid use.
  • You don’t need blood work or injections
  • Luma Therapeutics has completed 2 clinical trials and has completed enrollment in a third trial to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of this treatment1
  • In a study of 300 patient undergoing the Goeckerman Regimen the average duration of treatment to produce over 90% clearing of the skin was 18 days. 73% of patients were clear for 1 year or longer. Side effects were minimal2.


Narrow Band UVB Light Phototherapy

UVB light suppresses the overactive immune cells from releasing growth factors in a psoriasis lesion. The illuvinate system contains advanced LEDs that emit narrowband UVB light.

Moisture Retaining Hydrogel

Occlusion restores the natural function of the skin by preventing water loss. The illuvinate hydrogels increase the skin’s temperature, pH, and hydration, helping the skin retain moisture, decrease inflammation and restore skin cells. Our hydrogels are engineered to provide maximum comfort and light access.

App Customization

Starting with guidelines set by the American Academy of Dermatology, our system quickly customizes the amount of light delivered to each lesion through an app on the user’s phone. Because each person is different and each lesion on their skin responds differently, our app learns over time how each lesion responds to the light treatment.

1. Cooper Summary of Occlusion Effects

References: 1. side effects were minimal 2. Moisture Retaining Hydrogel