Pricing & Payment Options

The price of the illuvinate System varies by the number of individual areas you would like to treat (1 treatment approximates the size of a human hand, with fingers extended).

Number of Treatment AreasTotal Cost of the illuvinate System*

*The illuvinate System consists of a narrowband UVB light, which is rented during the 6-week course of treatment. The cost of the rental is included in the total cost of the system above. A mobile phone is provided which contains the Luma mobile app, which controls the dosing of light to the skin. The Hydrogel dressings are disposable and are changed ~ every 5 days. Luma will provide you with as many patches as you need to complete the 6-week treatment.

At the end of your treatment, both the light and the mobile phone are returned to Luma.

To get illuvinate, schedule time with a Luma Customer Care representative or start a virtual consultation.

Flexible Payment Options

Luma Therapeutics wants to ensure that cost is not a barrier to treating your psoriasis with illuvinate. We offer two payment options for you to choose from.

  • Option 1: Pay in full when you place your illuvinate System order
  • Option 2: Pay per month, over a period of 3 months


Illuvinate may be covered under existing codes for home light therapy. Coverage varies by insurance company. Luma can provide you with the forms necessary to submit a claim but we do not work directly with insurance companies to submit the claim on your behalf or follow-up on claims which have been submitted.